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24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year

Doors Opened - New Keys - Ignition Repairs

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Old or Modern - We've done them all!

Attention Dealers and Mechanics!

Cars opened, keys made and programmed and we do all kinds of Primary Ignition work. We do this as well as all types of steering column and Ignition Switch repair and Re-Keying. If you're short handed or just want some help we can do these repairs for you - With us doing the work we will save you time and trouble, and we guarantee our work.

See the list - We do a lot more than Locksmith work.

Having been a mechanic since 1960 and a locksmith for over 30 years we know the problems and how to do it right the first time. 
We take care of everything for you.

We pay commissions when you refer Customers to us. When we do the work at your shop - we do it for less.


Cities, Towns and Counties we Serve Daily - 24 Hr Service is limited to Bolivar County + Drew & Ruleville in Sunflower County

Alligator, Arcola, Benoit, Beulah, Clarksdale, Cleveland, Coahoma, Drew, Friars Point, Glen Allan, Greenville, Gunnison, Hollandale, Indianola, Itta Bena, Jonestown, Lambert, Leland, Lake Washington, Marks, Moorhead, Pace, Rosedale, Ruleville, Schlater, Shaw, Sunflower, Tutwiler

We apologize if we forgot to list your town.

We do Locksmith and Ignition Repairs from South of Highway 82 to north of Highway 6 and from the Mississippi River to parts of Leflore and Quitman Counties and all of Sunflower County. - - - - Coahoma County - Bolivar County - Parts of Leflore and Quitman Counties - and all of Washington County.

*We will not work in the town of Shelby - Outside of Shelby is fine, just not inside their town limits. Want to know why?

Call us - 662-579-7136



Car Doors Opened - Keys Made - Key Programming - Re-Key - Broken Key - Lost Key - Damaged Key - Stuck Key - Alarms - No Crank Electric Repair = Key Turns and Nothing Happens - Air Bag & Horn Repair - Total Locksmith Service - GPS Tracking - Shifter Repair - Electric Window & Door Locks - Steering Column Repair

Special Stuff

We do many things for your security that is not legal in all states and can't be listed here But we will be happy to tell you all about them!

Call us - 662-579-7136

We'll Get You going  ---  Fast! car window, door lock, broken steering column, 


Mr. Keys broken tilt, air bag, horn, dead engine, dead motor,

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